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About Us

Training and Support for Social Change

We can help you organise for action and positive social change. We provide tailored training and resources to grassroots campaigners, NGOs, Co-ops and community groups.

We work with grassroots environmental and social justice activists who want to increase their effectiveness in campaigning and creating lasting positive change.

We are an exciting new non-profit training collective, based in central Scotland. All our support is free or by donation to grassroots organisers, activists and community groups.

Email: actiontraining [at] riseup.net

How can we help?

We can provide tailored workshops and long-term support in:

  • Direct Action
  • Blockading skills and techniques
  • Using tripods
  • Fence climbing & Cutting
  • Facilitation of meetings
  • Consensus decision making
  • Non-Hierarchical structures
  • Advanced large group consensus facilitation
  • Affinity group formation & training
  • Getting organised – the basics of setting up and maintaining a group
  • Planning a campaign: aims, strategy and tactics
  • Publicity: creating your own media (leaflets, newsletters, websites etc),
  • public speaking, organising public events, working with the press
  • Power and change – changing power structures
  • Training for trainers

What would it be like?

Workshops generally last for two hours although some trainings can take
place over a day or a weekend. We are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow and
are very happy to travel to other regions in Scotland and the north of
England. Our training times are flexible – tell us what you need and when
you want it, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. If you think your
group or campaign could benefit from any of the workshops we offer please
get in touch with us!

We try to tailor workshops and trainings to the specific needs of a group
so that no two workshops are the same – if there is more specific training
or aspects from a number of workshops that would suit your needs best
please let us know.

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